What to know more about how to keep yourself safe in this digital age? You’ve FactCheckNI Trainingcome to the right place! As part of our service we offer training in fact-checking.

Training Option 1:

Keeping you Right in the Digital Age. An Introduction to Fact-Checking

This training is an interactive half day session and includes:

  • An introduction to fact-checking and the FactCheckNI project
  • Social media and fact-checking skills
  • Online critical thinking techniques
  • Practical, free and open source fact-checking tools

Some comments from participants on recent training sessions:

“I can’t wait to use these new resources”

“I really enjoyed the training. Very informative while still being great fun and I learned a lot!”

“I feel better able to fact check in the future”

“Great fun!”

Please contact us directly for further details on how to book a session!